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Turn Your Paddock

Into A Park

Icon Trees grow and supply world-class specimen trees and advanced hedging to the landscape industry.

Whether you are creating a tree-lined avenue, a leafy place to live, turning a paddock into a park, looking for privacy from the neighbours or just need more trees – we have 20 hectares of big trees and instant hedging waiting for you.

What you plant today will shape how we live, work and play tomorrow.



Our trees get the best start, ensuring life-long quality for you.

We hand-pick every tree, use quality soil media and fertilisers, and have the best qualified staff taking care of the trees in our purpose-built nursery.

Our specimen trees and advanced hedging are world-class.


Why Icon?

✔  20 hectares of world-class trees 

✔  Highly knowledgeable staff 

✔  Nationwide delivery

✔  Quality Big Trees and Instant Hedging

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World-class trees

More than 100,000 specimen trees and privacy hedges on site

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How To

How to purchase, plant and care for your trees.

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Did You Know...

  • One Mature Tree can capture and disperse up to 14 000 litres of rainwater during one rain event, Thus reducing the load on stormwater and drainage infrastructure. 

  • Leafy suburbs have no prejudice, they have the foresight of great planting.

  • Sciences proves that trees reduce heat in a city by up to 3 degrees.

  • The future of a tree is the day it is planted – its success is determined by the quality of what is planted.

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