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How To

Visit the nursery

To keep you safe at our working nursery we have health and safety protocols for everyone to follow:


  1.  You need an appointment to visit.

  2. You will be taken you into the nursery by one of our staff.

  3. A minimum spend of $1000 applies.


Call us to make a time to visit: 09 2744 934 or 0800 BIG TREES

Purchase our trees

We service the landscape trade and make larger gate sales.

Contact us by phone, email or make an appointment to visit.

Contact our partner retailers

If you are after smaller quantities of trees, please contact one of our partners:


Auckland – Kings Plant Barn

Coromandel – Waitaia Advanced Native Trees

Christchurch – The Little Big Tree Company

Contracts & Ordering Early

It takes a year or two for us to grow our trees for you, so the earlier you place your order, the more likely we can supply you on time.

For projects with shorter lead times, contact us to secure your trees as soon as possible.  We are happy to grow on contract for you.


Nationwide delivery is simple. We use a network of speciality freight companies delivering to your project within seven to 10 days. Auckland deliveries are generally daily with one of our curtain-sider trucks.  You are always welcome to collect your trees from our nursery, and we can help with loading and securing them.

Tree After-Care

Water trees as required through the first summer. Trees planted the previous autumn or winter will survive during summer. However, summer watering will greatly increase the growth and performance of your trees.

Annual mulching will help tree performance and is a great way to suppress weed growth, and give a manicured area under the tree. Mulching is best done in spring.

Use a controlled-release fertiliser such as Osmocote, applying once or twice a year, depending on the longevity of the fertiliser. Fertilising then mulching will give the best results.

Trim trees or hedges to shape as required. The more often they are trimmed, the better the result. Trimming hedges often increases the thickness of the hedge, and reduces the woodiness which results from trimming an overgrown hedge.

It is better to trim often to suit the application of the tree than to let it get too big and have to remove it. Most trees will tolerated being trimmed to size.


Click here to download our planting guide.

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